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What is Full Spectrum Hemp?

By Creative Team November 20, 2020


Hemp is one of the hundreds of potential cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants. Each of these compounds can aid in a consumer’s relief. While some reach for pure hemp (or CBD isolate), others want all of what the plant has to offer. Most people fall into the latter category.

When a cannabis or hemp HEMP product contains HEMP plus flavonoids, terpenes, oils, and other organic components, this is called "full-spectrum". At KM Relief, many of our products contain full-spectrum hemp and products like hemp oil are now widely available, offering consumers the potential to discover a new treatment method for their conditions. As big proponents of full-spectrum HEMP, we believe in its benefits for most products to provide a superior experience over HEMP isolate. Let’s explore full-spectrum a bit more to understand the discussion better.

What Does Full Spectrum Mean?

Full-spectrum HEMP provides consumers with an experience that can only come from the entire cannabis plant. This whole plant experience offers up more than just HEMP. It provides consumers with the trace amounts of THC in the HEMP plant as well as other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and compounds found in it. In the case of our products, all of them contain under 0.3% THC to stay fully legally compliant. While the merits of full-spectrum HEMP continue to be debated, many seem to believe in the hype regardless of additional studies required. Often, these supporters rely mostly on anecdotal evidence, as has been the case with cannabis most of the time. With that being said, we expect to see significantly more peer-reviewed data before long comparing isolate HEMP products vs. full spectrum HEMP products.

Those believing the anecdotes embrace its ability to treat a myriad of conditions without much work sourcing the product at a fair price. Meanwhile, others point toward the all-natural process that often is not genetically modified in any way. In any case, full-spectrum hemp has its fair share of consumers and generally means that a hemp product is of higher quality because it contains more of the plant's natural essences.

The Entourage Effect

Of all the reasons people support full-spectrum cannabidiol, the entourage effect may be the most commonly cited. Proponents of full-spectrum HEMP oil and other products gush about its ability to provide a more complex effect to its consumers. They believe that distillates and isolates lack that specific complete experience and, therefore, fall short in providing consumers with the optimal outcomes patients and consumers alike seek. Sometimes, isolating HEMP is the only way to take a high enough dose when it's warranted, but most consumers are not necessarily seeking that experience.

Instead, these proponents are supporters of the Entourage Effect, where the entire plant experience is provided to the consumer. In doing so, the consumer or patient gets to experience the benefits of HEMP but also the other cannabinoids found in the plant’s profile. When they do, they get to experience the cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds working together. In many cases, this leads to an enhanced experience that can’t be matched by single-cannabinoid extracts.

If the entourage effect is eventually proven to be medically accurate, we are likely just beginning to scratch the surface on cannabinoid and terpene combinations. A world of combinations could be made using natural extraction and other technology to provide consumers with a more potent way of treating their conditions.


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Choose Certified USA-Grown Hemp

Until recent legislative activity like the 2018 Farm Bill opened up American hemp access, many sourced their crop from overseas. This includes areas like China and Eastern Europe. These crops can certainly do the trick, however, we feel that they do come with risks that are not associated with domestically cultivated cannabis plants. There are far few regulations in many overseas countries that grow hemp and less oversight.

Some cannabis crops cultivated by international sources have gained media attention. They include the previously mentioned China, which can grow in a variety of environments across the country. Those that source their hemp from China and other countries believe that it is a cost-efficient move. Doing so does not endanger any consumers as its quality is of the same standard, they say.

Others remain uncertain about internationally-sourced crops. Those that do should be happy to know that American-grown hemp is on the rise thanks to the Farm Bill. Today, several states including Montana, Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky as the top producers of hemp in America. At KM Relief, we are proud to offer only 100% USA-sourced CBD for our products, ensuring you get the highest quality hemp possible.

Is Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Right for You?

Keep in mind that this article does not intend to offer anyone medical advice. Instead, it is a primer on full-spectrum hemp and how it has helped some in need. While hemp has been reported to do the trick for some, it is not guaranteed to do the same for others. Each person and condition is different.

As always, consult with a medical professional before making any decisions involving medication. However, as in Rick Simpson’s case with RSO, some may not be allowed to discuss or use cannabis through their physician. We do not recommend any medical action be taken from here, but there are plenty of stories of people who chose to use full-spectrum oil in these instances. Be sure to fully consider all the facts before making any decisions of your own and only use hemp that is properly sourced and lab tested!

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