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Pets & Hemp: Separating Fact from Fiction

By Creative Team November 20, 2020

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Is Hemp Right for Your Pet?

Whether it be physical or mental, no one likes to see their pet in pain. Unfortunately, treatment options are often pricey and may not even do much for your dog, cat, or other mammal loved one especially as they advance in age.

Enter hemp.

Pet-focused hemp has become wildly popular in recent years. Its popularity is not only driven by its effect on humans, either. Its therapeutic effect on our pets is also helping spur the demand for hemp oils and other products.

Studies and anecdotal feedback suggest that proper doses of hemp can do wonders for mammal pets. Some have reported that their animals have benefited from hemp use in a range of ways. They include everything from seizure treatments to easing a dog down during long stints in a carrier to easing the joints of aging cats and even horses. Pretty impressive for a hemp pet treat, right?

But with many still uncertain how hemp applies to them, how can a person feel comfortable giving it to their pet? If you find yourself feeling that way, explore the information below. You may discover that there is quite a bit of information on the subject.

Hemp Pet Care

The potential benefits hemp can have on pets tend to similar apply to all mammal pets. Several conditions may benefit from hemp use. Five of the more common conditions reported include:

  • + Anxiety 
  • + Appetite Enhancement 
  • + Arthritis  
  • + Seizures  
  • + Cancer Prevention

Much like a human, pets tend to benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects that hemp provides, which can ease joints and potentially stave off painful conditions like arthritis.

Speaking of such conditions, some studies have reported that HEMP can prevent cell growth of cancerous tumors in the body. While not confirmed, some pet owners have turned to hemp to ward off tumors, which can be quite common in certain pets and breeds. Similar points can be said for its reported ability to lessen seizures in some pets.

Hemp also provides people and pets alike with a sense of calm. As such, pet owners may find luck easing their pet's anxiety during long road trips, vet visits or noisy occasions like social gatherings, lightning or fireworks displays.

Pets unwilling to eat may find their appetite thanks to hemp as well. Some believe the cannabinoid can stimulate hunger and have used it on their pet at certain times.

While additional research is needed, some studies over the years have given hope, combined with pet owner testimonies, that HEMP can do some wonders for our pets.


Image Source | | CBD Pet Tincture

Types of Hemp Pet Care Products

Pet owners have a range of hemp product options to give to their pet. We recommend checking out KM Relief's peanut butter hemp oil tincture, which can be used in just about anything or given straight. Granted, the list is not as extensive as a human, but there are still several options to choose from.

Like humans, many will opt for one of the two traditional options: HEMP oil or isolate. Hemp oil for pets is just like humans except with slight variations to meet the dosing needs for the pet. This is often a full spectrum oil and gives the pet the full plant experience. The oil can be given to the animal orally or mixed in with its food, treats or water.

Some companies, like us here at KM Relief, have gone a step further and infused the hemp themselves, making premium pet hemp treats. Today, pet owners can find pre-dosed and processed hemp dog treats and hemp cat treats in a range of flavors and functions. Some go beyond general treatment and focus on joint care and anxiety relief. The same can be said for certain oils and isolates.

With a growing number of options in hemp, expect to find even more products for your pet in due time.

Don’t Give Your Pet THC

While much of this article focuses on the similarities between pet and human hemp use, those similarities stop at that cannabinoid. While THC can provide therapeutic benefits to humans in need, that is not the case for pets.

Pets exposed to THC can find themselves losing their balance and changing behavior, including going into a type of depression and listlessness. In other cases, they can become incredibly hyperactive.

It is not known if cannabis consumption can kill a pet, but the anecdotal experiences don’t seem to paint a pleasant picture for those that do. In any case, pet owners should stick to CBD. And if their pet were to ingest THC, monitor them closely and consider going to a veterinarian if their symptoms seem to worsen.

While THC isn’t wise for a pet, hemp seems to be. This especially true for aging and sick pets. Hemp dog treats and hemp cat treats come in a variety of quality levels. So, be sure only to choose high-quality options. The same can be said for hemp. Be sure to ensure that a company lab tests their products, so you and your pet consume only the best quality, trusted hemp products around.

Be sure to check out what KMRelief has to offer your pet!

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